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Victor Leg Hold Traps, Havahart Cat Cages

Victor Professional Rat Traps, Conibear Traps

M S Woodcraft Ltd

For over 50 years the supplier of cage and leg hold

animal traps for possum cat rabbit stoat ferret and

rat control within New Zealand.

Welcome to our Trap Business Site!

NZ major importers since 1960 for fur harvesting

and wildlife control.

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ONEIDA VICTOR #1 ® Coil Spring Traps

The top professional trap highest grade materials

Outlasts and out traps all other makes

Genuine trappers invest in quality not cheapness.

ONEIDA VICTOR #1 ® Long Spring Traps

Long spring give trappers an alternative to

coil spring for particular trap sites.

ONEIDA VICTOR#1 1/2 ® Soft Catch Traps

Soft Catch coil spring wildlife traps represent a

trapping system that not only holds captured

possum, feral cats etc but virtually eliminates

trap induced and self inflicted injury.

VICTOR ® Professional Rat Traps

Unlike ordinary snap traps for the homeowner

these traps are specifically designed for

professional pest management use.

HAVAHART ® Cages  #1  and  #2

Cage #1 Ideal for trapping possum, stray cats

rabbits, ferrets, rats, stoats.

Cage #2 Stray Cat Rescue Kit is ideal for catching

transporting and short term caring of the

animal captured.

CONIBEAR ® Wildlife Traps #50 #60 #220

Northwood #155

For more that 60 years Conibear traps have been

the favourites of trappers and wildlife managers

whenever kill type traps are desired.

English Mark 6 Fenn Traps

As alternative to Conibear traps Fenn traps are a

professional kill trap for stoats ferrets and rats.

More Details English Fenn Traps

Contact: Trevor

MS Woodcraft Ltd

Phone: 0274371084

Email: trapsvictor@gmail.com

8.30am – 5.00pm   Monday to Friday

(Or by arranged appointment)