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Possum Leg Hold Traps



The first choice when quality and reliability                                                   

are more than just an appearance.



Coil-Spring Traps


A favourite of all professional possum trappers.

These Coil-Spring traps are the standard against which

the performance of all others are measured.

Easy to set and conceal, these traps lay flat and lock up quickly

for maximum success in dirt-hole sets.

Traps are made with an adjustable pan that lets trappers

custom-set the pan tension to their target. 

When the tension is set correctly, the animal’s weight is

committed before the trap fires, taking away the animal ‘s reflexes

and catching it higher on the foot for a more secure hold.

Equipped with heavy-duty chains and swivels to reduce loss

of larger animals. Proven superior catch rate compared to all others 

Yet, they’re so compact and light-weight, you can carry all you need

for a long trap line.

Jaws have smooth edges but there’s still plenty of flat surface to hold the catch securely. 

Lever openings are large to prevent ground cover from being thrown into jaws.

The first choice and recommended monitoring trap for N.Z. conditions.

Made for professional trappers who require the best not the cheapest.


Long-Spring Traps


Long-Spring traps are easy to set and will not

rust tight or clog with dirt. 

Their specially tempered steel springs are designed to travel high

on the trap jaws, for fast lock-time and dependable holding power.

Jaws have smooth edges but there’s plenty of flat surface to

hold catch securely, even in wet, freezing conditions.

Long-spring give trappers an alternative to coil spring for

particular trap sites.



Soft Catch


Leave it to Oneida Victor® to find even better ways to

keep them from getting away.

Soft Catch coil-spring wildlife traps represent a trapping system

that not only holds captured possum, feral cats etc,

but virtually eliminates trap induced and self inflicted injury.


Soft Catch wildlife trap incorporate unprecedented advances in trap design. 

A shock-absorbing spring works together with swivels that permit the device

to rotate with the animal. 

Medium strength coil-springs provide enough pressure to catch

but not damage the target. 

Tough pads set in deep off-set jaws have concave surfaces

that roll in against the foot, gripping even wet fur without slipping.

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