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Has long specialized in animal traps and wildlife management devices.

Our merchants sell our products world-wide.


Established in 1852 this Cleveland, Ohio company provides animal trap equipment for pest control

wildlife management, game hunters, furriers, sportsmen, and other miscellaneous users of our products.

From rodent control to big game hunting, Oneida Victor is the original company that defined the standards

for animal traps and trapping internationally, and we continue to be a leader in both the industrial

manufacturing and distribution of wildlife management devices of all types.


Our Soft Catch wildlife traps are second-to-none for catch-and-release trapping that preserves the life

and safety of the animal while containing it.

Pest control, wildlife damage control, and animal rescue agencies from all over the

US, Canada and New Zealand use our traps to maintain the safety and cleanliness

of their municipalities, and for catch-and-release practices.

The Conibear Trap is one of the most popular trap choices

for trappers everywhere.


New Zealand sole agents, importers & distributors are M S Woodcraft Ltd.


For more Information field experience and advice Please Contact:

MS Woodcraft Ltd

New Zealand Importers-Distributors


Phone: (64) 07 5755920

Fax: (64) 07 5748910

Email: mswoodcraft@xtra.co.nz

Web: www.victortraps.co.nz


Business Hours: 8.30am 5.00pm Monday to Friday

(Or by arranged appointment)